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I will never have to worry about making loading screens now :))))) This asset got everything I needed, and more...

I used to play some games in the past (and still sometimes do), and I used to love their loading screens, they were just great... The main thing I used to love about them is the showing of tips during the loading screen, which is just a great feature about this asset. If I were to try doing this myself it would take me a lot of time to get everything working together and would even look cappy lol, but its just a matter of minutes till I get everything done. Also the inspector got a lot of options to get my loading screen look professional. Cant recommend it enough man, gonna use it in my next game very excited >.<

I was looking for a non programming way to create loading screens and came across Advanced Loading Screen which stood out among the few others available. Being new to unity I had a small issue figuring it out but that wasn't a problem as the support was second to none. The developer even wrote me a personalized script to get the loading screen to do exactly what I wanted. Up until today I sang the praises of just one developer who is now placed second to the awesome help and lengths the developer (Jake) went to in order to help me in other ways and not just with the loader. Now, when I start my game it looks like someone who knows what they're doing created it. But I don't take the credit. Great developers like Jake should have that honour. Thanks Jake, very much appreciated.

Fantastic asset, this is exactly what I have been looking for. This asset makes the task of creating loading screens very easy and pretty smooth thanks to the guides provided. The room for visual customization is also present, allowing you to add your own touch to your project/game with out the worry of "messing things up". 

Coding in the right lines for this asset to work is very simple and clean (information found in the documentation). I haven't found any issues when using this asset and I do believe I would reuse it again for future projects.

The developer is also quite helpful if you run into an issue or have a question in regards their work/assets. So if you get this, know that support for the asset is there. 

I would not only suggest this asset for all, but insist on give it a try. Great Work!

This worked straight out of the box with no messing, happy with the amount of configuration available as well. I integrated it with the Ork framework no problem at all.

Not only is it simple to use and well documented, what makes it stand out is the excellent support. 

I had issues with implementation, because we are using unique visual scripting interface, reached out to Jake and had response within minutes. Not only did he help me out with the issue, he event went as far as providing programming support for our platform!

Simply amazing. Far and beyond. Already looking forward to any new Assets that come from realSoft Games.

Thank you guys.

I was looking for a loading screen tool and chose this one because of the reviews.

I was not disappointed one bit. I downloaded it and looked into the documentation very quickly. I ran into a minor problem and got into Discord and the Dev was more than helpful. All the previous reviews mention this, but experiencing it first hand is even more convincing. 

The dev stayed with me until all my issues were sorted out and even added new features to support my needs and improve the asset. 

The asset is very flexible and fits all loading needs. Highly recommended.