Redemptions Guild

Redemption's Guild is a virtual reality action RPG designed for 1-4 player co-op. Set in the immersive world of Stellaria, players experience adventure through open world zones, challenging arenas, and mysterious dungeons. The game features two extensive maps with diverse landscapes and secrets. Players can customize their characters with 36 equipment sets per class, offering over 200,000 combinations. As players venture through Stellaria, they gain experience to level up their class and account, enhancing their abilities. The game promises unique encounters with enemies that showcase varied behaviors, making each adventure suspenseful and unique

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Virtual Sim Story: Home & Life

Virtual Sim Story: Home & Life is a dynamic open-world social simulation game available on mobile platforms. Set on Clearbell Island, a vivid 3D virtual world, players can create and personalize their avatars, build and design homes, and pursue various careers. The game offers extensive customization options, including a wide range of fashion choices and the ability to adopt and care for pets. Players can explore the island by foot, car, boat, or air balloon, uncovering secret spots for role-playing. The game also enables online interaction with friends worldwide, adding a rich layer of social networking within its virtual world

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Arcadus, a riveting twist on the classic Pong game, tailored for modern mobile devices. In this industrial-themed game, players can engage in intense Player vs. Player battles on the same device, or challenge a sophisticated AI in a series of increasingly difficult levels. The game boasts a unique industrial aesthetic, complete with gritty visuals and mechanical sound effects, enhancing the competitive gameplay experience. As players progress, they unlock new levels, each offering distinct challenges and environments, ensuring a fresh and engaging experience every time. Whether competing against friends or the AI, Arcadus offers endless hours of fun and strategic gameplay for players of all skill levels."

Airway Defence

Airway Defence is a captivating flight simulator game where players race against time to achieve the highest score by shooting down targets. Set in an exhilarating flight environment, the game challenges players to engage in a frantic balloon blitz, employing strategy and skill to destroy as many targets as possible. Initially designed for joystick controls, it offers an immersive experience with a range of control options including keyboard, mouse, Xbox controller, and joystick. The game, still a work in progress, promises future enhancements such as an auto-updater, an outer space map with 3D asteroids, additional aircraft to choose from, aircraft customization, AI integration, improved art and audio, remappable controls, extended quality options, and multiplayer support. Released on September 20, 2016, for Windows, Airway Defence is a prototype project by RealSoft Games, marked by its 3D, casual, fast-paced flight simulation gameplay, perfect for quick gaming sessions

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Calling All Heros

Calling All Heroes invites you to a thrilling 2D side-scrolling adventure with an innovative isometric twist. This local multiplayer game for PC supports 1-4 players and is designed for exhilarating cooperative play. Connect your Xbox controllers and step into the boots of fearless knights, equipped with swords and shields, ready to defend against waves of menacing foes.

In this unique isometric view, players can move up, down, left, and right across the map, offering a dynamic and engaging perspective of the battlefield. Each level challenges you with increasingly difficult waves of enemies, requiring teamwork, strategic positioning, and fast-paced combat skills to succeed.

Customize your knights with a variety of abilities and gear, tailoring each character to your preferred playstyle. As you progress through the game, unlock new skills and upgrades to enhance your knight's prowess in battle.

The game's vibrant graphics, detailed environments, and immersive soundtrack create an engaging world filled with danger and heroism. Calling All Heroes is not just about combat; it's about camaraderie, strategy, and the thrill of facing challenges together with friends or family. Gather your heroes, strategize your moves in this unique isometric world, and embark on an epic quest to safeguard your kingdom.

Doss Chat Room

Doss Chat Room, a unique take on online chat platforms, reminiscent of classic command line interfaces. Unlike mainstream options like Discord, Dos Chat Room offers a self-hosted solution, bringing chat functionalities directly to your command line. Ideal for users who appreciate minimalism and privacy, this platform allows you to either host your own server or join existing ones by simply entering the IP address of the server you wish to connect to.

In Dos Chat Room, simplicity and anonymity are at the forefront. There are no usernames or passwords; every user remains anonymous, ensuring a level of privacy seldom seen in modern chat applications. This feature makes it particularly appealing for those who value discretion and a straightforward chatting experience.

Whether you're a fan of retro computing, seeking a lightweight chat solution, or just interested in a more private way to communicate, Dos Chat Room offers a unique blend of nostalgia and functionality. It's a throwback to the days of simplistic computing, reimagined for today's conversational needs.

RSGNetwork Library

RSGNetworkingLibrary is an innovative networking library for Unity 3D, designed to prioritize reliable communication across the network in gaming environments. While performance optimization is a future goal, the current focus of the library is to establish stable connections and seamless data exchange.

Key Features of RSGNetworkingLibrary:

TCP & RPC Communication Support:
- The library currently supports TCP and Remote Procedure Call (RPC) communication, making it suitable for a variety of networked applications in Unity.

Future Enhancements:
- Plans to include UDP (User Datagram Protocol) and RUDP (Reliable UDP) in future updates, broadening the library's applicability.

Ease of Starting a Server/Client:
- Users can easily start a server or connect to a server by setting the server IP and port number, then initializing the server or client connection with straightforward code.
- Advanced RPC Functionality:
- The library allows sending RPCs to the server with or without parameters, and also supports client-specific RPCs using client GUIDs.
- It features RPC callbacks with custom data types for intricate communication scenarios.

Customizable and Extensible:
- With fully commented C# code, users can easily understand, modify, and extend the library's functionalities according to their project needs.

Cross-Scene Network Communication:
- The library is adept at handling multiple clients across different scenes, communicating with a centralized server.

Sync Variables with IObservable:
- The forthcoming IObservable interface will enable reliable synchronization of variables, further enhancing the library's utility in networked environments.

Community Support:
- Users are encouraged to join the Discord community for support, suggestions, and discussions about future features and improvements.

The RSGNetworkingLibrary is ideal for developers working on networked games or applications in Unity 3D, who need a reliable, yet flexible networking solution. It's particularly suited for projects where stable communication trumps raw performance, with the assurance of performance enhancements in the future updates

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Crypto AI Trading Bot

In my portfolio project, I developed an advanced trading algorithm combining Reinforcement Learning (RL), Deep Learning, and Ensemble methods, specifically tailored to adapt to the dynamic nature of financial markets. The core components of this project include:

Reinforcement Learning - Proximal Policy Optimization (PPO):
Implemented to maximize profits over time, with PPO providing a balance between exploring new strategies and exploiting known successful actions. This is particularly effective in the ever-changing environment of financial markets.

Deep Learning - Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Networks:
Utilized for their capability to recognize and predict patterns in sequential financial data, capturing long-term dependencies crucial for time series analysis in trading.

Ensemble Method - Gradient Boosting (XGBoost):
Incorporated to correct errors sequentially, capturing intricate non-linear relationships in market data and enhancing the robustness against overfitting.

The strategy involves using PPO as the primary decision-making model, supplemented by LSTMs and XGBoost for market direction prediction. Continuous learning is a key feature, allowing the system to adapt to new market data and conditions. Additionally, the integration of news sentiment and macroeconomic indicators provides contextual understanding of external market influences.

This project showcases my ability to apply complex machine learning techniques to real-world financial applications, emphasizing adaptability, continuous learning, and comprehensive market analysis.